Elena Biography

« … My painting - it is a revelation, it is my love,
it is the hope and expectation of a miracle.
This is an invitation to travel… »

Contemporary painter, Elena Koupaliantz opens the doors of its new gallery.

Be attentive guest in this colorful little stroll, sun-drenched, smiles and good humor. Good walk ...

« ... We recognize the work of Elena Koupaliantz by its lightweight styling, elegant lines, a subtle blends and overlays, multiple effects of unexpected color, which are freely associated reliefs and inlays polymorphic.
Each creation Elena emanate these unusual and ambiguous images and sense connections, subtle humor and mild melancholy, these spontaneous and unexpected associations, which instantly provide an intense emotional charge.
Once in the friendly atmosphere of his paintings, one is instantly seized by an irresistible desire to stay. Evolving in original eye-catching style, the artist created a unique visual world, a unique aesthetic, sensual intimate space, its own system of values … »

National Diploma of Fine Arts in Tbilisi (Georgia).

Elena Koupaliantz born in Tbilisi in 1963.
The delicate political situation settled in Georgia in the late 80s, forced him to leave his hometown and, in 1991, from Saint Petersburg.
In 1995 his destiny took him to France, Haute Savoie, she never left.

Studies at the Ecole Nationale Superieure des Beaux-Arts in Tbilisi (Georgia).

Since 2011 - member of SLBA (Société Lyonnaise des Beaux Arts).
Since 2007 - member of A L.A.F.. (The French Artists Association), supported by the UN.

His works are part of private collections in France and abroad (Belgium, Switzerland, England, Canada, Portugal, Netherlands, Russia, USA, China ...).
Visit the Studio Gallery ...
Arts Gallery Elena Koupaliantz
9, Faubourg des Annonciades
74 000 Annecy

Téléphone :  +33 6 03 96 28 89
Email : galerie@koupaliantz.com

Web :  www.koupaliantz.com
Opening Hours
Tuesday to Sunday
11:00 to 17:00
and by appointment.
Panning artworks ...
This video presents some sound system works Elena Koupaliantz in a lively panorama. The tables sometimes framed, are highlighted in the various interior designs: rooms at the corner of the hearth, snack areas, bedrooms, reception rooms and waiting rooms, professional spaces ...

Discover a colorful and soothing original universe, the single plan your future personal or socio-professional environment now.
Put the scene!...
A work draws you in particular?

To acquire for its wellness or to provide pleasure, an Artist table is a unique piece, endearing rewarding, and especially noticed by those around you.

To help you plan the harmony of the colors and design of your home, we offer a simulator scenarios.

So go ahead, put on stage!
Choose an interior space, adjust the color of the walls as you wish, insert it in one of your future paintings. Imagine ...